About Us / The Story Behind Snugglebabies

Meet  our 2 babies "Sienna Rose and Aspen".  Our inspiration for Snugglebabes 


Snugglebabies was born from a desire to provide an innovative new idea to give a gift to parents and their babies (Kids and Pets) and from snuggling the two new additions to our family; Sienna Rose and Aspen(our furry baby) with love. 

The Baby Bouquet Collection:

We wanted to move away from the traditional gift bag and tissue paper gifts while providing a gorgeous bouquet gift with clothing and accessories to give a new parent at a baby shower, christening, during her hospital stay, maternity leave or at home that makes the birth memorable and unique.
Each gift in this collection is hand loving designed with baby clothing and accessories to create a beautiful bouquet or basket with care and attention to every detail for all the moms out there.

The Furry Baby Collection:

As dog owners ourselves, we know how vital and precious are your furry babies to you. "Our Aspen means everything to us."
We have a deep attachment to our pets, which is part of our family, so together when dressing up our babies, we wanted to dress our furry babies to keep them warm and safe from hazardous climate or to keep them looking cute and fashionable.

Dogs are like humans and need just as much care as we do. 

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products at the best prices for our Parents and Pet lovers.                                 Thank You For Visiting Us.



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