Payment Method

Paying with Paypal:

  1. With PayPal you can send payment quickly on securely on-line
  2. Through PayPal you can pay with debit card, credit card or bank account balance
  3. Once your order is submitted you will be directed to PayPal site where you can make the payment.

Advantages with using PayPal:

Your payment is traceable, you can trace the status of your payment using your Paypal account. does not receive your credit card or bank information.

Your financial details and transactions are encrypted and monitored by PayPal to help prevent fraud and identity theft.

Paying with Credit Cards:

The available credit card option is listed above.

Please note that does not collect your credit/debit card number or personal information when you make a payment.

For questions regarding your transaction on our site, please contact your credit card provider for information

When will I be charged for my items:

You will be charged for your order during your purchase when your payment status on the order screen changes to "Payment Complete".   We will then confirm your payment and begin processing your order immediately.



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